Abstraction is about starting a process of interpretation and introspection without the constrains of a forced perception.

Without the boundaries of an imposed formal code, the nature and meaning of what we see emerges freely from our own thought, triggered by primary visual mechanisms, and later shaped by our personal identities.

What you think it is versus what it really is becomes irrelevant. Rather, “what we want it to be” becomes the final answer to the question “what are we looking at”.

In “No Man’s Land” series, I explore an abstract photographic process in which the goal is to create surreal landscapes, that seem to be captured in the desert but have been produced by using macro photography techniques and capturing surfaces smaller than 5 centimeters.

In a deceiving game, No Man´s Land presents realms of solitude and peaceful params, where sand dunes that doesn’t exist welcome those who walk into my photographs.

Shot on large format film.