Shanghai Twenty Four Seven is as much a love photographic poem to Shanghai’s quickly-disappearing urban environments as it is to the people who populate them.

This series focuses on the life inside shops and neighborhoods in Shanghai on the verge of disappearing. Places that share a unique aesthetic, a feeling of density, of time, and life that is nowhere to be seen in China’s biggest and most populated city.

The documenting process spans from 2017 to 2019 and covers most of the districts of Shanghai such as Jing´an, XuHui, Honkou, Putuo, Huan Pu, Minhang, and Zhabei.

By the time this series was finished, some of the places documented were already gone, and the people living there were relocated. Shanghai is a different place without them. Better or worse is for others to decide.

This series is a tribute to them.

Book details

  • Self-published
  • 25x21cm (10×8.5 inch) / 116 pages
  • Limited Edition: Black linen wrap hardcover, numbered and signed, 300 copies

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  • price: 40 EUR / 45 USD / 320 CNY + shipment
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